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20 December
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I am a classic sweet lolita, who loves deco, blogging and lovely bouffant hairstyle. Bows and Puff style are my favs. Not a burando whore because quality can be found lots of different places, but does ♥ some main brand.

My name is Sara, I am 20-years-old and cur­rently liv­ing in Oxnard, CA. Some­times, Port Huen­eme with my King Bunny, Richard. Also known as The Binary Mes­siah.

I speak three lan­guages, rang­ing from flu­ent to OK. French, Japan­ese and Eng­lish being those lan­guages. I mostly speak Eng­lish and Japan­ese but I only use french for a cou­ple of sparse friends that I see at school. Oth­er­wise, I don’t speak it too great.

I’m 5’7″-5’9″ depend­ing on whose door I am walk­ing through. Huhu. I’m intim­i­dat­ing to a lot of peo­ple and I have a strong per­son­al­ity. But! I am not mean. I am only mean to peo­ple who like to put me in unnec­es­sary crap or drama.

Truly and hon­estly, I really just like to relax and be myself. Tak­ing walks to the beach; bring up deep political/philosophical/sociological (and other smarty-nerdy type) con­ver­sa­tions; watch­ing movies all day; draw­ing; lis­ten­ing to music, etc. I’m not a real stu­dious per­son, but I am smart and I do my best to get the grade in school. ;D not like that though.

I enjoy being able to be the life of a con­ver­sa­tion. I like to laugh and I like to make oth­ers laugh. I am no clown, but I’m not a dry wit either. I enjoy the lit­tle things in life more so than the big things (but they don’t go unnoticed).